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Maharashtra Panchayat Election Result Ward Wise 8th Jan


Live updates of Maharashtra Municipal Election /Civic Body Panchayat Election (Chunav) Live Counting Result of Nagar Panchayat Ward Member Municipal Council Post Wards Election Results

The Maharashtra Civic Local Bodies Election has now again witnessed the alliance of Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) and Shiv Sena. However the once alliance parties; NCP and Congress Party did not work out and both have decided to fight the poll on their own. The first phase of polling will be held on the 27th of November 2016. In this phase a huge number of candidates flooded the nominations for the municipal election of the local bodies. The civic body election is referred as mini assembly polls which will be spanning across 25 districts of the state.  Near about 18 Nagar Panchayats and 147 Municipal Councils consisting of more than 3,000 seats in total will be going through the Municipal Election. There are as 27 candidates who are contesting the seats unopposed.

Maharashtra Municipal Council/ Nagaradhyaksha/ Nagar Panchayat Election Live Results Trends 8th Jan –  (BJP – 00, Shiv Sena- 00, Cong – 00, NCP – 00 and Others – 00)

The Maharashtra Panchayat (civic) Elections are eminent and significant because of their role and functions which are performed by these bodies at the grass root level. The work of the civic bodies include provide sanitations facilities, adequate supply of clean and fresh water, rural development of infrastructure etc. Therefore, Maharashtra Municipal Elections as one would expect become extremely important. The State Election Commissioner J. S Saharia has been regularly informing media about various relevant details.

The seats held currently by each party are divided as Shiv Sena holding 454 seats, NCP has 1300, and BJP holds 437 seats; MNS and Congress possess 61 and 1293 seats respectively. There are a number of independent candidates as well having seats under their governance.

Maharashtra Civic Local Body Municipal Election Result 2016

 The Maharashtra Panchayat Election Local Body poll is necessitated because of the end of tenure of these seats. The polling session will be conducted in four phases. The first is on November 27, second and third on the 14 and 18th of December this year and the final phase will be held on the 8th of January next year. The votes will be counted booth party candidate wise on the next day of the polling day and thereafter the Maharashtra Municipal Council Nagar Panchayat Counting Result will be declared. The Municipal Election Live Counting Result will be available in local newspapers, TV Channels i.e. NDTV, ETV Maharashtra, Z News, ABP News, Aaj Tak etc. The Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) will be used in the civic local body election session. The SEC has made all the preparations to conduct fair and peaceful polls.

The Chief Minister of the state Devender Fednavis and other eminent leaders of BJP are seen persuading people to vote for their party. The BJP and Shiv Sena have expressed their confidence of attaining victory over the matters of demonetization scheme and bringing technology to every region of the state.

The Municipal Election sessions in the state of Maharashtra have always been full of excitement and exhilaration. This is because the state of Maharashtra possesses a number of political elements that are always in the battlefield to become the game changers. The state has numerous strong political parties, leaders as well as independent leaders. The competent parties in the state are Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP), Indian National Congress (INC), Shiv Sena, National Congress party (NCP) and Maharashtra Nav Nirman Sena. These parties have been the most volatile in the state in every level of polling from local level to national level election sessions.

Maharashtra Municipal Council Election Results 8th Jan 2017

The previous month witnessed an exciting polling session in the Maharashtra state. Three out of four phases were conducted and Maharashtra Municipal Election Results were declared. The fourth phase is yet to occur. There are many factors which are said to impact the voters’ mood and decision. Infrastructure, development, employment, sanitation and hygiene facilities, and the most important one: demonetization.

The first phase was won by Shiv Sena and Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) in collaboration. The second phase was dominated by BJP. BJP recorded a grand victory in the phase. However the National Congress Party NCP) led by Sharad Pawar was close in the race. NCP won adequate seats that edged it near BJP. In the past years, the status of NCP was declining but this poll shows a different picture.

In the third phase, the performance of Congress party brought a new hope in the party. The third phase in the Municipal poll brought a victory with flying colors to Congress party. This victory of Congress, particularly in the BJP ruled state; Maharashtra has changed its image. Congress comeback in Maharashtra politics depicts its hold and power in the state. The experts refer it as the demonetization effect which has benefitted the Congress and other opposition parties.

In the third phase, the opponent party INC claimed victory over 122 seats. It also won a total of eight president post seats. On the other hand, BJP claimed victory over 116 sets in the 3rd session. The rise of both INC and NCP may trouble the ruling party BJP. Nonetheless, BJP yet retains the top position till now.

The three phases for the Maharashtra Municipal Council Election have been completed with BJP at the lead. The complete picture will come out as soon as the results of the fourth phase will be publicized. The set back of the third phase has not been a fatal or major one but the BJP party has taken it as a warning. The BJP is confident of winning the fourth phase of the Maharashtra Municipal poll.

The fourth and final phase will be held on the 8th of January 217. There will be two panchayat seats in Gondia that will undergo election session in the final phase. The last phase will also include 11 Municipal seats in Nagpur constituency. The poll will elect their new panchayat heads and parishads. The poll is necessitated because the tenure of holding the office of the present representatives has ended. The term of office is five years.

Though BJP has received a blow in the previous election phase yet it remains the strongest party and contender in the state of Maharashtra. BJP holds around 1090 seats of corporator and 64 council heads seats. On the other Congress party has bagged 33 Council heads seats and 894 corporator seats. The third party in the race, NCP has claimed 1 Council heads and 785 corporator seats. Shiv Sena is fourth in the race with 26 Council and 618 corporator seats

Maharashtra Municipal Election Results 14/ 18th December 2016

The second phase Municipal Council and Panchayat elections in the state of Maharashtra will cover a total of 14 municipal councils. It will extend across the districts of Latur and Pune on the Pune has 14th of December 2016. Latur possesses 4 districts while Pune has 10 districts. The poll has been divided into various phases which will be conducted from the month of November to January.

The Election Commissioner of the state of Maharashtra J. S. Saharia announced that the poll will conducted on the mentioned days and the result will be declared the next day of poll. The election session will be held in four phases. A total of 25 districts will be included in the poll. These 25 districts have 17 nagar panchayats and 147 municipal councils. The first phase has been completed.

The first phase recorded an impressive percentage as 70% of voters’ turnout. The poll was held on the 27th of November 2016 and the votes were counted the next day. Nearly 28 seats were won by the unopposed candidates. The result of the first phase of election brought a marvelous victory to Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP). Prime Minister Modi and the BJP President Amit Shah declared that the victory is highly due to the demonetization action. Devender Fednavis, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra and the BJP representative also expressed gratitude to the voters of the election. BJP won 51 Municipal Councils out of 145 and it won 952 seats out of the total of 3410 seats.

The second dominant party in the state was IND with a win over 26 Municipal Councils and 612 municipal council seats. Shiv Sena and Congress Party became the third and fourth most popular party in the state in the Municipqal Council election. These polls are going to be vital particularly for the party of BJP because it is considered as the litmus test for the demonetization scheme recently implemented. Other ground level matters are also major issues for the poll including development and infrastructure, rural and farmer related affairs and caste tensions in the state.

The alliance of BJP and Shiv Sena came up as a successful one and both the parties expect the same result for the other phases as well. On the other hand, the Congress Party and National Congress Party (NCP) did not come to an alliance in these polls. The other parties have not accepted defeat as they are quite confident and positive towards the remaining three phases which are yet to be held. The complete picture will be cleared as the Maharashtra Municipal Election Results will be announced and thus the ultimate winner of the poll shall be declared.

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