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UP MLC/LAC Legislative Council Election Counting Result 2017


Uttar Pradesh UP MLC (Vidhan Parisad) Election LAC Counting Legislative Council Local Authorities Constituencies Live Result Booth, Party, Candidate Wise 

UP MLC Election Result 2017 6th Feb

The Uttar Pradesh MLC (Vidhan Parishad) election is on the edge. The Election Commission of India published the notification of UP MLC election 2016. According the notification the election was successfully completed on  3rd of Mach 2016. The polls in the state have always been a significant matter of discussion for the whole nation. The focus on each and every poll has increased because of the fact that the state will be having its assembly election next year.

The Legislative Council Poll is necessitated because the term of the current 35 members has expired on January 15th 2016. Thus the State Election Commission of Uttar Pradesh was given notification to prepare and inform the people of the respective areas about the UP MLC election schedule and procedure.

The political parties of the state for UP MLC/LAC (Local Authorities Constituencies) election hunted for their most efficient candidates. The party which needs to consider the UP MLC (Legislative Council) poll as the most crucial one is Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) which is about to lose majority of the vacant seats. However the party which would not let this golden opportunity slip away so easily is the ruling party Samajwadi Party (SP). SP will never allow this chance to get away through its fingers so easily.

The fire has been burning in the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) camp. This fire was ignited when the two candidates of BJP announced to withdraw their nominations without giving any prior information to the party or its members. The candidates have been expelled from the party as the reasons given by the two politicians were not satisfactory. The party claims that the candidates have taken money to withdraw their nominations at the last moment. The candidates explain that their family were threatened and allegedly taken as hostage. They said that their withdrawal was committed under pressure.

The BJP is already functioning with extreme caution to get its roots deeper into the Uttar Pradesh politics so as to assure a victory for the year 2017 Vidhan  Sabha election. Therefore under such circumstances the party has faced a jolt of losing at the hands of SP. The BSP is in a crucial situation where it is losing most of the seats. The SP (Samajwadi Party) is said to be at the most harmless place where it is expected to win the seats without any competition as two of the independent candidates have also withdrawn their nominations.

UP MLC/ LAC Live Counting 2016 Local Authorities’ Constituency Result

The SEC is also supervising the activities of the political parties. The model code of election was duly implemented as the people were also notified. The parties are expected to firmly adhere to the code of election.

The Uttar Pradesh (UP) MLC Election Live Counting Result  2016 of the poll will surely have an influence upon the upcoming polls particularly the 2017 Vidhan Sabha election. The parties are scanning, analysing and interpreting the circumstances so that the strategies can be formulated to promote their party and also to attack the opposition parties and their members.

The UP Vidhan Parisad MLC Results will be declared after the LAC counting of votes on 6th of March 2016. The Election Commission of India has declared to publicize the UP MLC Election Vote Result .

Updated: February 6, 2017 — 2:25 am

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